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They prefer articles between 800 and 1,200 words and pay up to $2,400 per column submission— some column editors pay as high as $2 per word. If you’ve got extensive knowledge about business management and operations, here are online websites where you get paid to write about your insights. Rather than spending time filtering through scam jobs and content mills that pay peanuts, I’ve compiled a list of 40 legitimate websites where you can get paid to write for over $100. Although they don’t have a super-simple contact form or contributor-specific email address, pitching Entrepreneur could land you in one of the premier personal finance publications in the country. Besides in-depth articles with practical ideas, TDS also prefers its writers use professional quotes and statistics when possible. A financial writer must be able to generate clear, coherent copy and ask probing questions much like an investigative journalist.

  • It’s going to provide you exposure to the world of internet for publication domain.
  • Here at, you can learn more about becoming financially investing and other financial tips.
  • Again, I’d advise you to read through their submission guidelines for more insight on what they’re looking for.
  • Writers can send in short articles with quick tips or full tutorials with detailed instructions.
  • We did the hard work of tracking down these freelance writing gigs.

So any backward-looking analysis uses data that couldn’t have been assumed at the time. And it’s fair to day that higher energy costs and inflation haven’t helped in the past two years. In total, the administration has forgiven $132 billion in loans for borrowers owed relief from PSLF or IDR, as well as disability discharges and fraudulent or since-closed schools. Even without a sweeping debt relief program, 3.6 million borrowers received debt forgiveness under the Biden administration, as of December. Once you submit your article to us, please have patience, we will review it and get back to you as soon as possible.

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Are you willing to share your business ideas with a broader audience? Email or write to us if you want to submit your personal finance guest post articles or investment, insurance-related blogs. The writers should be interested in producing high quality content with valuable advice of action which could be implemented by the readers interested in investment and finance.

write for us finance

For more diverse areas, here are websites where you get paid to write and contribute to other niches— from entertainment and human resource management to traveling and living abroad. They generally accept educational materials with comprehensive tips on how to use Photoshop for digital creations and edits like human portraits, photo manipulation, and posters. If you have a passion for Photoshop and design, Photoshop Tutorials invites you to share your knowledge and educate other Photoshop users. Reader’s Digest encourages people to share interesting, non-fictional narratives, experiences, and funny stories.

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We have complete authority to modify the material to ensure it complies with the editorial rules. In addition, once an article is published on our website, it can no longer be used anywhere else. Suppose you produce a structured document that includes all of the critical parts necessary to describe your research findings. In that case, you’ll go a long way toward making your piece more readable.

write for us finance

For non-fictional pieces, they approve of essays, investigative reports, and memoirs with 3,000 to 7,000 words. For poems, they welcome all types and do not have a limit on the number of words. VQR has specific requirements, so read through their guidelines before applying. They generally pay $200 per poem and $1,000 and above for short fiction and non-fiction pieces. For every published article, the writer gets paid $50-$250, depending on the category it falls under.

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Each post needs to be 100% original and cannot have been published on other websites or print publications. Writers should fully disclose any and all past and present commercial relationships to companies and people mentioned in their post. We’re also open to other ideas as long as they are relevant to our website’s theme and provide value to our readers. The AV Club pays an average of $0.21 per word (this sums up to about $210 for a 1,000-word article). The Escapist Magazine features content about the gaming industry and welcomes articles about video games, board games, movies, science, and technology.

  • One can also speculate, as Edhec Infra’s analysts don’t, as to whether Thames’s fragmented ownership has been a factor.
  • The plan replaced the Revised Pay As You Earn IDR and aims to make repayment more affordable for federal borrowers.
  • In the summer of 2024, that payment calculation will drop to 5% of discretionary income for undergraduate borrowers.
  • For finance enthusiasts, here are some websites that will pay you to share actionable strategies readers can use to increase their earnings and save more money.

The pitches generally include the intended story or argument, the reason for selecting the story, why the writer wants to report it, and the reporting plan. The writer should also include whether the story is time-sensitive and why. However, writers whose articles are comprehensive and estimated to generate plenty of traffic are paid more than $150. If your outline is approved, you may be assigned to an editor to guide you through the writing process. For every approved submission, Smashing Magazine pays between $50 and $200 per article.

Step 3: Craft a pitch explaining what you’d like to write about:

Your guest posts/articles should be relate to the categories are mentioned here. The only ambition of our finance blog is to present valuable content to the readers. We are searching for articles and posts invoice number that are beneficial for readers and help them to make an informed decision on financial products. You can apply to write feature articles without experience, but you must have good writing skills.